Joaquín Sabina & Serrat: Princesa


ceramics from Japanese artist Masamichi Yoshikawa


Some more cups from my last soda-firing!

Soda-Fired Porcelain

By: Joel Willson


      I have been interested in shino glazes recently, the current studio glaze is rather middle of the road and can be bland and occasionally it looks over done with little subtlety. The issue seems to be that it is such a safe glaze, a simple white/orange shino that it is difficult to obtain variations in surface without looking at least to my eyes to self-conscious.  

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Katy Perry - Firework (Jump Smokers ReMix)


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Hopefully single firing my shino cups this week, I’m really looking foreword to seeing the results of this experiment.

I’ll also be making cups over spring break. 

Cups and bowls, orange/white Shino glazed brushed on with iron oxide and wax resist to promote carbon trapping.